You want to send everyone home from the wedding reception ranting and raving about the fun they had! There’s tasty food, great music, and wild dancing. But not everyone loves to kick it on the dance floor all night and you really can only eat so much. So what else is there for a totally stuffed and danced out guest to do? Or someone too shy to bust a move in front of everyone? A photo booth is what. Everyone get to pick up some silly props, ham it up for the camera, and get an instant printout as a memory of your wedding day. Then they can do it again with some other friends new and old!

Fun for All!

An open style photo booth draws everyone to the area to check it out. It isn’t some weird curtained off area that you have no idea what is going in. You see it is everyone having a blast and doing some silly poses. We’ve totally counted and at every wedding, we see a wider variety of faces in the booth than those that ever hit the dance floor. You’d be surprised at who ventures into it (think grandparents) and some of the photos that come out (think grandpa with some oversized shades).

Save those Memories!

Your photographer (possibly us) will capture a ton of photos throughout the day, but the picture booth ensures a more “official” documentation of everything. Our company always sends you the high quality

 digital version of every individual image taken in the booth through the course of the event. And every guest also gets a printout which tend to stick around in their lives for a while. I know half of our fridge is covered from various friends’ weddings and events.

It really isn’t that Pricey.

Photo booths also don’t have to break the bank. There’s no reason to pay thousands for the rental of a fad or gimmick design that doesn’t do anything different. For mere hundreds of dollars you can get a fully custom designed setup. We have a background in both engineering and photography so it was no sweat to create something better than we’ve seen anywhere else. Don’t settle for an Ipad on a stand with a printer…we beg you.

How to find a good one?

We are more than happy to send over a recommendation if you ask. We won’t steer you wrong.