About Me

   When I began to photograph weddings 10+ years ago, I purposefully avoided doing much reading and looking at other photographer’s work. I read some books and watched a few videos, but much seemed outdated and honestly not what I would want out of my own wedding photographer. I instead decided to develop my own identity to ensure the path I took would be something unique, modern, and what I deeply felt was right.  I was always someone who loved having easy access to information, but I found it almost liberating to not worry about what others suggested and that process made me a much more confident person. Years later, I have learned a lot from the photography community and close friends that would be impossible to ever figure out alone. But I still approach every wedding day how I believe is best for you while creating compelling photographs.

   Outside of photography, I love listening to music from all over the world, have a giant dog that does all in his power to make me take him to the park, and walk my daughter and her friends to school every morning as they argue about who is the actual prettiest princess in the entire world. I trained my cats to sit and stay over the past year with bag of regular cat food that I feed them as if they were treats. Somewhere along the way started a little business making catnip, cat toys, and catnip alternatives (it totally is a thing) with my wife. I think Cheerios with orange juice is the best breakfast ever. I have 3 different chairs that I rotate between multiple times a day to break things up. 

Everything I do is carefully planned, but I don’t mind at all when the day invariably turns out to be anywhere from slightly to completely different from what I expected.