Here is a look at our photographs capturing this wedding day with both the ceremony and reception taking place at the The Primavera Regency in Morris County NJ. From the getting retting ready through the party we found so many moments worth capturing both big and small. We hope you enjoy scrolling through the story of this couple:


Just a small miscalculation with how carbonated the champagne would be when popping it on the couch led to this.


We always love when theirs an opportunity to reveal the bride in her dress to all the bridesmaids at once!


A little bit of a surprise before the first look. We’re not sure if it took the edge off or just made the groom even a little more anxious.

Some portraits of the couple as well as the bridal party off to the side of the ceremony space.

Believe it or not, all we asked them to do was hold hand and walk. The jumping was an extra little touch of the groom.

We always take some photos of the ceremony space as everyone arrives and before anyone even walks down the aisle just to set the stage.

Despite being rescheduled from 2020 to this summer of this year, we could still see the anticipation of everyone for this ceremony to finally begin!

As well as the “typical” up the aisle photos we always try to move around to capture a variety during the ceremony from the sides and also of everyone looking on. Every ceremony space is a little difference and offers unique angles!

We also always take a lot of photos to ensure we capture a little moments in between the “big” parts of the ceremony and also entire wedding day in general!

After the ceremony we always be sure to capture some images of cocktail hour to have a memory of space with everyone in it as as the reception room empty to showcase all the carefully planned d├ęcor.

The entrances into the ballroom, first dances, and toasts are always full of fun and loving moments and fly by in a whirlwind.

After the all the formalities take place, there’s still plenty of wedding for us to photograph! From the dance floor to everyone just hanging out at their table there is always something interesting going on for us.

We hope you enjoyed looking through this set of just a few photos from this wedding filled to the brim with fun and love. There are thousands more in the full gallery that we are more than happy to share if you ask. If you are looking for wedding photographer in North Jersey or a photographer for anywhere else in NJ, NY, or PA contact us for more information!