We had an amazing time photographing this wedding and capturing all of the moments big and small at the Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank and Saint Mary’s Chapel in Middletown. We even stopped at Deep Cut Gardens for some stunning couples portraits.  Nobody could have asked for a more perfect day and group of people to be a part of this couples new lives together! It was incredibly difficult to choose from the full set, but below are just some of our favorite photographs from this waterfront wedding day!

A perfect view of the Navesink River right out the window of the bridal suite at the Oyster Point Hotel. If there wasn’t so much going on everyone could have just sat and enjoyed it all day.

The first moment of the bride seeing her hair and makeup completely finished! We even captured her mother looking on in the foreground.

A niece even stopped by to pay a visit and get into her dress. But at first she was just a tad bit overwhelmed with all the attention.


Mom ensured that the dress was perfectly fluffed and every detail just looked perfect before heading to the church with her daughter.

A quick mic check thanks to a groomsmen (and brother) right after the videographer pinned it to his lapel.

The groom greeting his parents at the front of the aisle just before the bride turned to the corner…

A look on the grooms face that is we can only describe as combination of anticipation, surprise, and love among a huge mix of other emotions!

Thanks to our amazing second photographer, an over the shoulder photograph of the groom with the bride in the middle of the aisle. All while he remained perfectly positioned to stay out of my own photograph!


We captured the couple sharing a little moment on the alter while one of the many family speakers read verses for the couple.

A photograph of the couple and speaker from above thanks to the church balcony.

I’m not exactly sure what was said to cause that look, but I’m willing to bet that these brothers will when they see the above photo!

Exchanging the rings and a kiss during the full mass wedding ceremony in the stunning Saint Mary’s Chapel!

There wasn’t a dry eye in sight now that the pair was officially married.

The groom taking a sip of the wine with the priest but it might have been more like a gulp based on the look on the brides face.

A receiving line for guests to pass on well wishes and advice for the newly married couple!

A photograph of the wedding bridal party in Deep Cut Gardens, a beautiful park in Middletown NJ!

Just one of the many wedding photographs we captured at Deep Cut Gardens of the beautiful couple!

Within the park, we found giant trees which made a perfect arch.

And even a greenhouse to take a walk through!

The couple then made their entrances at the Oyster Point Hotel wedding reception and immediately began their first dance with all of their guests looking on.

The bride dances with her father as her understandably very emotional mother looks on! We love to capture reactions to every moment as much as the moment itself.

Definitely an interesting way to greet your friend but it looks to have made sense to them both.

A photo booth prop that made it all the way to the dance floor!

A pair of touching but also absolutely hilarious speeches about both the bride and groom. We always love hearing the stories that are shared about both bride and groom growing up separately but especially hearing how love between them has grown over the past years.

A group photo taken on the balcony of the reception led to some questionable decisions of trying to take a swim in the Navesink River. Luckily cooler heads eventually prevailed.

We even had a chance to take the couple onto the docks at the Oyster Point hotel for a champagne toast as many very entertained boat owners looked on.

Grandma even joined the dance floor to party with the bride and groom after dinner!

Anytime you put kids on a dance floor during a wedding, you get great photos! But both the above and below photographs are simply amazing with the variety of emotions!

Cutting the cake started off nice and then it went just a bit off the rails. But it all ended with a hearty thumbs up by the groom despite a face full of cake. This is one of the many times we take as many photos and possible since so much always happens in just a few moments.

Things always get a bit weird towards the end of the reception. Here is a bit of an upside spin move.

And then a right side up spin move!

The wedding day began as a beautiful sunny day with boats cruising up and down the river and ended with the lights of Red Bank visible out the reception room window at the Oyster Point Hotel. We couldn’t have perfect day to photograph. One of our favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is having the opportunity to watch how every wedding unfolds and capturing all of the real and authentic moments every step along the way.