A wonderful winter wedding taking place at the elegant Imperia with church ceremony at the Korean Praise Presbyterian Church in Somerset NJ. We began photographing a few hours before the ceremony began as the bride got ready at a nearby hotel and groom at the church itself. The beginning of the wedding is always the least planned time of the day for us. We arrive and just start capturing anything that catches our eye. The dress, hair and makeup, bridesmaids hanging out, and all the other little moments that happen alongside. Soon it was time for the first look which also was going to take place at the church! With the groom in position his bride made her way up the hallway and into a moment filled with pure joy! We then braved the cold weather to take some photos of the bridal party and couple on the church grounds. The church was soon filled with the wedding guests and the ceremony was ready to begin. This deeply religious Korean wedding ceremony began with an acoustic guitar backing the hymns and flowed beautifully through prayers, vows, and the exchanging of the rings. After a thank you speech given by the bride’s father all of the friends and family headed to the cocktail hour at the Imperia. An hour later, the grand entrances, first dances, and toasts kicked off a reception that can only be described as a giant party full of dancing, laughter, and joy. Every moment from the very beginning to the end was honestly a joy to capture and it was an honor to be the photographer for this wedding.

Enjoy looking through the photos below. They are just a few of the amazing ones captured at this wedding with well over another 1000 in the complete gallery we sent the couple!