Below are our favorite photographs from this early spring engagement session at Sayen Gardens (one of our favorite parks in central NJ). It really is more of an arboretum than a park and has windy pathways to wander and explore that take you through the woods and fields and to ponds, gazebos, overlooks, and more. At every turn we always find spots that are perfect for photos and looks like a totally different location than the ones before. There are a huge variety of flowers, trees, and bushes which were specifically planted that all bloom at different times which means that even in the middle of winter we can find spots that are still green. But this engagement session was right in spring where you can see all of the new colorful growth coming out in the background almost turning it into a watercolor type painting when combined with the sunset lighting. We hope you enjoy looking through these images below. We photograph here more than anywhere else so feel free to reach out and we can send along more galleries too.

Sayen Gardens does not require a permit for engagement photos and is located centrally to most of New Jersey which often makes it the perfect spot for engagement sessions!