An engagement session full of love with photographs that we we captured all around Sandy Hook located at the very tip of Monmouth County. While most people know Sandy Hook as a beach to enjoy in the summer, there is so much more to the area to explore year round than empty sand and ocean.  We went this entire session in early winter with barely even stopping near the water and love how it turned out.

We began in a section of the historic military fort with a large stone hallways (original used to move missiles) but now perfect for a walk in and hand down. From there we stopped by the lighthouse and old barracks buildings in the middle of a field before moving into a totally different section of the park with a more natural beach section. Though it was overcast for most of the afternoon when the sun peaked out from behind the clouds it gave a beautiful glow to the outline of the couple. One final stopping point was the perfect spot for a beautiful silhouette and a few photos right along the water as well.

Of all the spots around Monmouth County or even New Jersey, Sandy Hook has probably the most variety we can think of. We could spend an entire day photographing in the park and never see it all. Reach out if you are interested in an engagement session here or anywhere else along the Jersey Shore or New Jersey!