Below are some of our favorite photographs that we captured at this amazing engagement session at Rutgers Gardens in East Brunswick, NJ! We couldn’t believe the huge variety of completely different looks we found on our walk around this perfectly landscaped park in Central New Jersey with is maintained by the famous Rutgers University. The couple had so many memories from this space as their relationship grew over the year that they immediately knew this would be the perfect spot for their engagement session From rivers and bamboo forests to 100+ foot tall pine trees and sun-lit flower gardens, Rutgers Gardens had it all! The couple even brought out their hammock, which was a huge part of their first dates, to take a rest in amongst the trees! We can’t wait to photograph their wedding later this year!

A stream that was just shallow enough for us to walk out into the middle of!

A wide photograph and then a close up from inside the bamboo forest, we have never seen another spot like this anywhere else around New Jersey.

The stunning couple taking a walk throughout the rows of pines planted well over 60 years ago by Rutgers  in nearly perfect straight lines.

It was impossible to even get the top of these trees in the photographs but love how the trunks perfectly frame the couple.

A perfect spot to hang the hammock between the pine trees and take a rest on this summer day!

On our walk out of the woods and towards the seasonal gardens, we found this rock perfect to stop and sit at!

A rainbow of colors thanks to the many flowers blooming in late summer!

The sun setting behind the couple along with the foliage framing them gives a magical look to this photograph in Rutgers Gardens!

Yet another rainbow of colors made perfect by the sunset!

A cute little shed painted like a barn – we were sure to grab a photo here because their wedding ceremony will take place in a historic barn later next spring!

A few last photos during the final moments of the sunset to end this amazing engagement session on this late summer day!


Rutgers Gardens is a perfect spot to photograph for engagement sessions or wedding portraits any time of year. In spring and summer the flowers are in perfect bloom but the fall colors are equally amazing. A permit for a small fee is required to photograph in this engagement session location. If you are looking for a wedding photographer to capture your wedding day either in New Jersey or anywhere else in the tri-state area,  Contact Us and we can set up a time to talk more!