Photographs from this amazing wedding taking place entirely at the Mountain Creek Resort in Vernon, NJ! While popular for skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and pretty much every other outdoor activity it’s also the perfect venue for a wedding. It’s also the first ever venue we have seen where the ceremony (which had amazing views) was only accessible by a gondola! From the getting ready, the first looks, portraits, ceremony, reception, and even through the sparkler exit we were there every step of the way to document the love between this wonderful couple.

We hope you enjoy looking through just some of the photos we captured from this day. If you are looking for a wedding photographer at Mountain Creek, Minerals Hotel or anywhere else throughout New Jersey, Contact Us for more information and to set up a time to chat!

The getting ready portion of the day day is always our least planned, we arrive plenty early and capture what naturally happens with the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Here we found the groom  getting ready with his friend and checking out his gift from the bride.

Likewise, the bride getting ready with some help from her mom to make sure every detail was perfect!

A first look with her dad as the first of many emotional moments of the day.

But the first look quickly turned into figuring out how to extract a bug that founds it’s way deep between the many layers of the dress.

A ten minute ride up the Gondolas soon led us to the mountain peak for the first look and ceremony!

After letting the groom check out his beautiful bride and her dress for a bit, we found a beautiful overlook just a short walk away.

We captured some portraits of the couple, individually, and then with the bridal party with nature views!

Soon we saw guests making there way up the gondola and everyone prepared for the mountain top ceremony.

We always love to get those candid photos of guests where there isn’t a big moment going on. From reading the ceremony program to checking out the view there was plenty of littl eomments to help tell the story of the day.

First the groom walked down the steps, followed by the bridal party, and then finally the bride!

Just like we do before the ceremony, we always capture the guests during the ceremony!

With a beautiful view behind them, there were so many opportunities for photographs both form close and afar.

After ready vows, some readings by close friends, and exchanging rings the couple was officially married!

Back to the gondolas among friends and family to make our way down the mountain the reception at Mountain Creek!

Those slightly tricky with the movement, we grabbed some photos of the bride and groom on our ride down the mountain!

We always take photos during cocktail hour just to document the space and give the memories of how each step of the day looked.

And before the reception begins we always take some of the room itself before it is full of friends and family.

As soon as we saw the energy during the entrances we knew it would be on amazing party!

But before the party could begin there were the first dance for the couple and then with their parents.

The parent dances quickly turned to be super emotional with happy tears from flowing from nearly everyone in the room during the father daughter dance.

Right after the dances while dinner was being served, family and siblings gave some rather hilarious toasts to the new couple.

Like during the ceremony and rest of the wedding day we always capture all those random in between moments during the reception as well!

The cake was cut early to give plenty of time for partying and dancing!

Once the party began, it continued straight through the rest of the night with even the grandparents getting involved in the action on the dance floor.

And finally the sparkler exit to end the wedding night on a high note!