Our favorite photos from an engagement session at Merrill Creek Reservoir on a perfect summer evening! Being one of their most visited parks near their hometown in New Jersey, we let this couple take the lead and take us to their favorite spots all along the hiking trail that winds around the entire lake. Along the way there was the perfect mix of loving, pretty, and not-so-serious moments that made for a great variety of photographs. We love to discover and photograph all around the many parks, hiking trails, and other spots that show the natural beauty of NJ. We will be counting down the days until we photograph their wedding next year and hope you enjoy looking through these images.

The lovely couple along the lake and  in tall grasses surrounding it as we began this fun filled engagement session.

We stopped at a few little cutouts along the lake as we hiked along the trail in the park to stop and grab a photo. We love the completely natural look and variety of greenery and plants that is just everywhere!

A patch of giant pine trees in the forest! They thought it looked a lot like a forest from Harry Potter while we just thought it was really cool.

Up on the hill overlooking the entirety of Merrill Creek Reservoir.

Even some photographs standing in the lake itself as the session came to an end and it didn’t matter if the pants and dresses got a bit wet!

Sometimes kissing on the nose turns into trying to eat a nose…