Below are photographs from this wedding with ceremony and reception taking place at Maritime Parc in Jersey City! We began in Jersey City itself at the couples home where they both were getting ready in separate sections of the house. While hair and makeup was being done in one room and the guys were putting on their suits and tossing a football around in another. After both bride and groom were dressed and ready to go we went over to the edge of Liberty State Park near the train station and NYC waterfront for the first look. The first look (which was just full of smiles) set the joyous mood that continued through the entire day! After the bridal party and couples portraits along the water and in the train station, we went to the top floor of Maritime Parc to prepare for the ceremony. Though the couples pastor couldn’t be in attendance with travel restrictions, he was able to call in virtually for the opening prayer. As the sun set behind them outside, they exchanged vows and rings to be officially wed! Also due to restrictions, the reception had minimal dancing, but still was full of fun as the guests enjoyed good food (and drinks) and spent an evening together celebrating! We hope you enjoy looking through these images below