We met Beth and John (and some of the cutest pups we have photographed) on this beautiful, though slightly cold, fall day in Fort Lee New Jersey. The historic park surrounds the New Jersey entrances onto the George Washington Bridge with views of New York City in the distance. The massive cliffs covered in trees and unlike any others we have seen allow you to both look down onto the deck of the bridge. Taking a short trip down the road leads you to windows alongside the Hudson River allowing you to look up to the bridge itself with the cliffs behind. The connection of Beth and John is unlike any other we have seen before and these images captured it perfectly. We can’t help but smile at the way their love almost jumps right off the screen as we explored this one of a kind place. We can’t wait to photograph their wedding this coming year and hope you enjoy looking at these photos as much as we do!

The Fort Lee Historic Park does not require a permit and parking is free in a large lot! The state park gates are open year round which gives us the opportunity to meet you at the peak times for amazing lighting in spring, summer, fall, or even winter. If you are looking for wedding photographer or an engagement session, Contact Us for more information or to book a session!