We had an amazing time photographing this wedding that took us from the historic Cross Estate Gardens to the stunning Primavera Regency in Stirling NJ. With both of the pair attending graduate school out of state, they had already technically married but used their return to New Jersey as a chance to throw an amazing reception for friends and family.  We met them at Cross Estate Gardens for a first look and some absolutely perfect wedding day couples portraits. We had a blast exploring the difference pathways through the meticulously maintained plants and flowers throughout the park grounds. We then traveled to the Pirmavera Regency for a traditional Arab Egyptian wedding reception. The couple made their entrance to a full band playing traditional tabla drum songs to which all guests quickly joined in to dancing to.  They were lifted in chairs and danced with endless happy family members who wished them well. As dinner was served, all of the many siblings gave touching toasts which all had a common theme- just how great both husband and wife were as individuals and as a couple! The cake was cut and, after a ton more dancing, the couple made a grand exit full of cheers and bubbles to start their new lives together back in New Jersey.

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