Breach Brook Park in the early spring is easily among the most beautiful parks in Essex County and even all of North Jersey. Famous for it’s annual cherry blossom festival, it is both one of the largest urban parks in the area and holds the record for having the largest collection of cherry blossom trees in the nation. For just a few shorts weeks of every year, the many pathways and fields of the park explode into an absolute wonderland filled with white and pink trees and flower petals blanketing the ground as far as the eye can see. Below are some of out favorite photos from this engagement session as we explored the park with Erica and Matt!  We can’t wait to be the wedding photographer for their wedding in North Jersey this fall!

Branch Brook Park does not require any entrance fee or permits and parking is free anywhere along the road winding throughout it! It is an amazing place while the cherry blossoms are in bloom in mid to late April every year. If you are searching for a wedding photographer in New Jersey or just want to schedule an engagement session, Contact Us for more information.

A perfect dip in a perfect spot to make for an unbelievable photograph!

The couple framed in the branches, there’s so much white it could be a snowy day in a lot of these photographs!

There was easily more flower petals than blades of grass underneath the cherry blossom trees. What a perfect place to sit and cuddle.

Being a firefighter, it wasn’t even a question as to if he could sweep his soon to be bride off her feet with ease.

Currently separate but soon to be intertwined…Okay, it isn’t that deep! We just love this pose.