This engagement session took place at the incredibly scenic Bear Mountain State Park in New York and spanned from mountain top to the lake below! The peak of the mountain provided us beautiful views of the surrounding valley and forests for miles around and had giant boulders which were absolutely perfect to photograph atop of. It was difficult to not just sit and enjoy the views for hours. Though you can take a day long hike from the base, a road luckily stretched to the top to give us a shortcut and be able to photograph without breaking a sweat. On the way back down, we stumbled across beautiful section of forest as the sun rays streamed in that we couldn’t resist exploring and grabbing some photos in. Finally, we took a walk along the lakeside path until we found a perfect spot with the entire mountain in the background. We can’t wait to photograph here again or even just visit to take a hike and explore the trails.

For any nature lover, Bear Mountain is a fantastic choice for an engagement session. It does not require any permits and there is no entrance fee. If you are looking for wedding photographer or an engagement session, Contact Us for more information!