Ever since their engagement session (see the photos here Hacklebarney State Park Engagement Session!) we have been counting down the days until this couple’s wedding day was finally herein North Jersey! The American Beauty, newly constructed as part of the Embassy Suites in Berkeley Heights was the perfect backdrop for this day which was full to the brim with fun, love, and joy! The once in a lifetime moments just never stopped coming  for us to capture and document from getting ready and through the ceremony and reception or us to capture and document!

Below are just some of our favorite photographs out of the thousand we edited together to tell this story of this perfect wedding day and the love for the pair for each other. We hope you enjoy looking through them and are happy to show you even more!


The brides beautiful dress hanging in the window and sparkly shoes nearby! We always take detail photos right when we arrive so that we can take in the vibe of the room and have everyone be used to us there. That way they are super comfortable when we start taking the candid photos that we specialize in!

Mom and a pair of bridesmaids watching the finishing touches of the makeup going on in anticipation!

The dress, jewelry, and shoes all on just right thanks to mom!


After getting his suit on, the groom couldn’t wait to read the card and open the gift from his bride to be!

AT the same time, the bride was reading the note from the groom and soon husband!

A first look that was the perfect combination of pure joy at first sight and emotion as the meaning of the day became clear!

Some serious and not so serious photos of the groomsmen and bridesmaids just next to the outdoor ceremony space of the American Beauty.

Fitting with the theme of the day – we made sure to mix some fun portraits in with the typical romantic style! We had never seen a bride be able to skip, jump, and even pick up her husband all while wearing a beautiful wedding dress.

Guests arrive as the ceremony start time starts to draw near!

One guest who was a bit confused to which way the bride was walking in from!

A wide angle of the the entire ceremony space – we love how it was a raised but elegant stage so that every guest had the perfect view.

A super dramatic first kiss after the rings and vows were exchanged.

Some portraits inside the hotel near an awesome brick wall and bookcase covered with art.

While the wedding reception room was beautiful, this home made sake fountain really stole the show!

I don’t think it eve has to be said but of course the entrances were high energy!

During the first dances we always love to capture some up close photos to show the emotion and others that are pulled back to show the entire scene!

Toasts by family and friends soon gave way to a non stop three hour long party on the dance floor!

As a surprise to all, the traditional Chinese dragon puppet made its rounds through the reception piloted by some close friends!

The night ended with the newlyweds surrounded by their friends and ready to take on the world together!

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