Why Choose Us?

We want you to be confident that we are the right choice to photograph your wedding day. If what we have written below speaks to you, let’s set up a time to talk more in detail about your wedding plans!

Either before or after you read this, definitely take a look at what past couples have said in our past reviews! Our goal is to take photos that you will love thus the feedback from actual couples is the most valuable.

Our Dedication to Quality.

We genuinely love photography and it is so much more than a business to us. We are beyond excited to find the beauty of every wedding day and capture the story of the day in images that last a lifetime. We’re always available to talk and customize everything we do according to how you prefer! We work with couples who live right down the road and others who live on the other side of the world and are coming back to New Jersey for their wedding day.

We capture your true personalities with all of the anticipation, laughter, emotion, joy, and excitement that comes along with your wedding day and engagement session. Our favorite compliment is when couples see their galleries and tell us that their photos look “just like us”. We want the photos to match how you see yourselves, not just how we think a wedding should look.

Owning expensive cameras and equipment doesn’t make great photos, but everything we use is top of the line to ensure that it works when it needs to the most. Above all else, we understand how and when to use every feature. From swapping focus modes when you’re walking down the aisle to radio controlled flashes for the reception we can handle any situation.

We hand edit and color correct every photograph as part of a process that is set up bring out the best of every image while maintaining a natural and consistent quality. We always look at expressions when making our selections and edit to ensure skin tones look warm and alive. We think there’s nothing worse than having everyone look like a blue ghost or making a slightly off face in the photos!

Our Personalized Style

Our style is the perfect balance of candid and posed photography to create beautiful images while always allowing you to enjoy your wedding to its fullest. We totally understand you aren’t getting married just to have photos taken – you want to have a blast and enjoy the day you have planned for so long. But we also know you want great photos to remember it by.

We understand how to move with the flow of a wedding day. We know when to make suggestions and direct and most importantly when to let everyone just be in the moment. Other photographers think it is crazy how many photos we take and that we pretty much never stop for a break. It’s because we know that every moment that happens could be the one that ends up being the one summing up the entire day.

We always hear stories from wedding guests about “that photographer” who tried to make grandma jump with the bridal party. Followed directly by that we are so much different and more awesome. But if grandma does want to jump, let’s go for it!

Our Competitive Pricing.

Our prices are set so that we can continue to photograph weddings and deliver images in our style without relying on booking in sheer volume. Thus, we are able to give the full attention required to every wedding day from planning through photography and post processing.

Let us capture the full story of your wedding day and all of the real moments, real emotion, and true beauty that comes along with it.