Our Planning Process

Our process is completely personalized to you rather than relying one-size fits all forms or rigidly scheduled discussions. I am always available to answer any questions you have and the plan for the day is design based entirely on the conversations we have in the months leading up to it.

With some couples we have multiple meetings calls to figure out permits, transportation, makeup timings, and more. With others it is mainly deciding what time the first look should be and everything else flows from there. 

While we have a pre-wedding questionnaire, it is targeted specifically to what I need allow me to make the best decisions and use of time during the wedding day to capture the most of what is most important to you. 

The Timeline of Planning

1. One year to two months prior to wedding. Whenever needed I suggest general timing recommendations, location ideas, or help with any other of your questions that come up. 

2. One month to two months before the wedding day. I send the you the a pre-wedding questionnaire for you to fill out, we design the final photography timeline, and we discuss any photo requests and lists.

3. One to two weeks before the wedding day: We have final check in over phone and/or email to go over any last little details that may have come up on my side or your own! 

4. Wedding day: All of the planning comes together into the perfect day. 

6. After the wedding day: I sort through and edit all of the images captured and within 2 to 4 weeks send you the completed gallery of photos!